Universal Analytics Data Backup

Universal Analytics (UA) data will be deleted for all users within 7 days of the 1st of July 2024. digilytiks can preserve this data for you.

  • Retain your UA data permanently
  • Full ownership of UA data with a one-off cost
  • Familiar UA style display
  • Extract as many years of UA data as you need
  • Backup UA data by day, week or month

Do I need to back up UA Data?

For some, this will be of no concern. It is of course old data and assuming a GA4 property was configured by the deadline of 01/07/2023, a full year of analytics data will be available.

But for others, this may be significant data with high internal value that needs to be preserved.

Are there alternative ways to backup UA data?

Google have provided their recommendations on how to backup historic data from UA but these methods are either time-consuming, complex, suitable only for low volume sites, available for 360 users only or a combination of all the above.

This is why digilyiks have created the Universal Analytics Data Backup service. Using our pre-built report templates, we are able to extract your data from Universal Analytics and present it to you in a format remarkably similar in style to the UA Interface.

What data can I extract from UA?

digilytiks have recreated the majority of the standard reports available in UA which you can pick and choose from:

  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Behaviour
  • Technology
  • Device
  • Acquisition
  • Pages
  • Internal Search
  • Events
  • Ecommerce
  • Conversions

How do I get a quote?

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